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"I highly recommend this guide! It will save you so much time and headache whether you're building a development or production environment."
(Johnny Brunson - InfoReliance)

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Avoid the Top Installation Mistakes:

 Missing important installation & preparation steps
(Put an error message into Google... you'll find 100s of possible solutions)

 Doing a wrong configuration leading to a new installation
(Do the right configuration steps based on your needs)

 Doing every step manually for different environments
(You'll easily lose 10+ hrs and may forget important steps)

 No planning before doing the installation
(Don't take different + outdated blog posts to match your needs)

Save 10+ Hours & Headaches:

 Clear step-by-step guide
(You can install simple & complex Production, Staging or Test environments)

 Detailed but also comprehensive
(You can easily adapt all steps to your own requirements)

(Free updates based on your feedback)

"He really covers it all, even the PowerShell scripts are included and I learned a thing or two from his code as well."
(Johnny Brunson - InfoReliance)

Never again Configuration Problems:

1. Pick a script
(You can prepare servers, install or configure SharePoint based on your needs)

2. Enter your own parameters
(You can set e.g. your domain, account names, database names, folders, ...)

3. Run it

"His PowerShell scripts are accurate, easy to read, and assisted me in not only implementing configurations but also learning and understanding PowerShell features and capabilities."
(Daryl Sharpe - CEO of TEDI-Inc)

This Material is for you if...'re an Administrator:

  • install simple & complex environments like Test, Staging, Production
  • install different environments
  • automate the entire process're a Service Provider:

  • plan & install SharePoint for your own clients
  • easily and quickly deploy any type of requested solution

2 Solutions for all your Installation & Configuration Scenarios:

How to Install SharePoint Server Subscription Edition E-Book

Install SharePoint Server Subscription Edition includes:

Planning (PDF) E-Book E-Book + PowerShell Complete
Up-to-date Software requirements, Versions, Patches, Dependencies and Pre-requisites
Hardware requirements
Plan MinRole
Plan Installation Accounts and Service Accounts (Least Privileges)
Preparation (PDF) E-Book E-Book + PowerShell Complete
Prepare Windows Server (Roles, Role Services and Features)
Prepare SQL Server
Assign Permissions
Patches & Hot fixes
21 Steps Checklist E-Book E-Book + PowerShell Complete
Verify all preparation steps with this handy checklist
Installation (PDF) E-Book E-Book + PowerShell Complete
Pre-requisites configuration
Least Privileges / n-Tier / Offline installation
Patches & Language Packs
Create a new SharePoint Farm / Connect to an existing SharePoint Farm
Configuration (PDF) E-Book E-Book + PowerShell Complete
Initial Configuration (Logging, Outgoing E-Mail, Accounts, Distributed Cache)
Distributed Cache Management
Step-by-step configuration e.g User Profiles, Search, SharePoint Apps, Workflow Manager
Automated PowerShell configuration for all Service Applications
60 PowerShell Scripts E-Book E-Book + PowerShell Complete
Automate all steps from the PDFs
Professional Automation: Save time with accurate, assisted, easy to use & tested scripts
Automate exactly the steps you need
No mass activation of things you don't need

How to Install SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Updates E-Book

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Updates includes:

Updates (PDF) E-Book E-Book + PowerShell Complete
Understand Service Packs, Cumulative Updates, Public Updates, Feature Packs, What's my Patch Level?
Update Requirements, Hardware & Account Requirements, Zero-Downtime Requirements
Update Process: Patching & Build-to-Build Upgrade
Update Strategy: Zero-Downtime & Side-by-Side Functionality
Update Installation using an Example Scenario: Update, Upgrade & Verification

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  • Install SharePoint Server Subscription Edition E-Book
  • 21 Steps Checklist

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E-Book + PowerShell


  • Install SharePoint Server Subscription Edition E-Book
  • 21 Steps Checklist
  • 60 tested, assisted, accurate PowerShell Scripts

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  • Install SharePoint Server Subscription Edition E-Book
  • 21 Steps Checklist
  • 60 tested, assisted, accurate PowerShell Scripts
  • SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Updates E-Book

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