Setting Up a Discussion Board in SharePoint 2016

How to set up a discussion board in SharePoint 2016 and give your team a platform to share ideas and discuss topics.

Andreas Glaser

In every organization, team members need to share information and discuss topics. SharePoint 2016 makes this task easy and simple. All you need is to set up a discussion board and everyone will be able to start new discussions and participate in existing ones.

You can add multiple Discussion Boards on your Site, dedicating each for a different topic. This way, discussion threads stay focused on the topic.

There is no one single purpose for a Discussion Board; you can use one for various objectives. Anything that requires a harvesting of ideas from several participants will be well served by a well configured Discussion Board.

To create a Discussion Board, just go to Site Contents, click on “add an App”, select Discussion Board, and start the configuration process.

Once your newly created Discussion Board is added, everyone will be able to create a new discussion and reply to existing thoughts.

Watch this short video to see the steps.



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