How to: Create a new SharePoint list column

    |    Andreas Glaser

See how to create a new list column in a SharePoint lis as an End User


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If you want to store data in SharePoint you will end up using a list column. Independent of storing documents and their metadata, contacts, tasks or calendar entries you will have a list and that list has columns. Each column can have a different type like text, date and time or a person associated with a document (author).

Column Types

There are different types of columns like:

Types of SharePoint columns
Type Usage Display
Single Line of Text Used for document title, calendar entry titles or the name of a task. Displays as a single line of text using 255 characters.
Multiple Lines of Text Used for descriptions of documents or tasks. Also used for HTML content. Displays as multiple lines using either plain text without HTML formatting or rich text with HTML formatting.
Choice Used as e.g. to select the type of a document or any other type of classification or categorization. Displays as a single drop down if only one selection is possible or as a list with the ability to select multiple items.
Date and Time Used for e.g. the date and time of an calendar entry or the creation and modification time of a document. Date and time.

How to create a SharePoint List Column

Open a SharePoint list or library and select the library tab on top of the ribbon. Click to create a column and select the type, enter a name and configure the rest of the column.