How to: Add and remove links to Top link bar in SharePoint

    |    Andreas Glaser

See how to add and remove links to the Top link bar in SharePoint.


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The top links bar in SharePoint represents the top navigation of a SharePoint site. In order to change the top navigation you need Full Control or Design permission.

Publishing and Collaboration settings

The set of features which are available depends whether you have a collaboration site (like team site, blank site) or a site based on the publishing features (like a Publishing Portal). Publishing allows a feature richer customization of the top navigation. Both categories of templates allow to inherit the top link bar from one page to another or to break the inheritance in order to create a unique top navigation for a site.

Branding Options

Branding can be realized using CSS. The CSS file can be uploaded to a document library and referenced inside a content editor Web Part. Styles inside the CSS file are overwriting the default styles so a different design can be achieved.

How to add and remove links to Top link bar in SharePoint

Open up the site settings using the site actions. Go to the top link bar under look and feel and add, edit or remove a link. You can use relative as well as absolute links.

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