The 4 Things To Consider Before Upgrading To SharePoint 2016

In this short video, Adam Levithan talks about the 4 things that you need to consider before you decide to migrate to SharePoint 2016.

    |    Andreas Glaser

Since the release of SharePoint 2016, many organizations are upgrading while others are not. What about your organization?

Are you thinking about migrating?

You might think that it is always a good thing to upgrade to the latest technology. But, that’s not the case. Sometimes, it might be beneficial to wait a little and, other times, a delay may deprive your business of the productivity and the return on investment it richly deserves.

The new features and capabilities in SharePoint 2016 are definitely worth the consideration to upgrade.

If you are thinking of upgrading to SharePoint 2016, there are 4 things that you need to consider. Adam Levithan explains them in the video below.

But, before you watch the video, you may want to know some of the main reasons why other organizations are upgrading. Here are the 5 mains ones.

1. New hybrid capabilities

The world of information technology is moving more and more to the cloud. The necessity of this trend is just inevitable.

Using SharePoint On-Premises is good; using SharePoint Online is also good, but using both is much better.

Organizations that are deploying SharePoint Hybrid are getting the benefits of both worlds. And, Microsoft has integrated the two environments of SharePoint in a seamless way.

There are features that have made the hybrid deployment essential. The most prominent are Delve, Hybrid Sites, and Profile Redirection.

Run SharePoint as hybrid, you’ll be glad you did.

2. Greater data security

The new Data Loss Prevention capabilities are being celebrated by organizations with greater need for data security and compliance.

With SharePoint 2016, you now have more control over your sensitive data. You can now easily identify, monitor, and protect documents within both the On-Premises and Cloud environment.

If Data Loss Prevention is important to your organization, upgrading to SharePoint 2016 is an investment worth making.

3. More Speed and better reliability

Many improvements have been brought to SharePoint 2016 infrastructure, making it faster and more reliable than earlier versions.

The performance is far superior and the efficiency has gained a considerable boost.

With new features such as MinRoles, your organization will definitely enjoy a higher productivity.

4. Durable links

Remember the time when moving or renaming a file meant ending with broken links? Not anymore.

With the new Durable Links feature, your links will stay functional regardless of what you do to the document.

This one feature alone has the potential to save your organization tons of hours. And, make your team happier in the process.

5. Hybrid Search

Think of how inconvenient it used to be. To find a file, you would need to search SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online separately, unnecessarily wasting time. That inconvenience has finally ended.

With the Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016, you can now have results from both environments listed together, on the same page, with just one query.

Just type in the search bar, set the parameters, and the crawler brings you results from both your local server and the cloud.

Those are just the apparently most talked about features in SharePoint 2016. Many more features and capabilities are giving organizations the reasons to upgrade. It will be worth your time to explore the possibility of you doing the same.

After you study and understand the new capabilities in SharePoint 2016, there are 4 things that you need to consider before making the decision to upgrade.

Adam Levithan explains them in the short video below.



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