How Online Extranet Sites Expand Collaboration Inexpensively

In this short video, find out How Online Extranet Sites Expand Collaboration Inexpensively.

    |    Andreas Glaser

If you are a business and you want to be able to do any of the following, Online Extranet Sites are your best option:

  • Sharing document with external business partners such as suppliers, retailers, and contractors;
  • Collaborating on documents with team members from outside of your company;
  • Enabling instant messaging and Skype conference calls with external partners;
  • And, do all of these while avoiding all the labor and hardware costs that come with traditional On-Premises Extranet Sites.

Let’s first touch on the utility of Extranet Sites in general.

Why businesses use Extranet Sites

SharePoint Sites allow your team to collaborate on documents. Intranet Sites involve only users from inside the company whereas Extranet Sites include users from outside the company as well.

Many businesses use Extranet Sites especially when the business-to-business collaboration is fundamental to the daily operations. You find these businesses in many sectors, including: retail, automotive, manufacturing, energy, advertizing, etc.

Extranet Sites give you the ability to do many things, including:

  • Giving external users access to specific documents;
  • Allowing your team to collaborate with external partners on certain content;
  • Helping your organization to do business with many different partners.
  • And more.

Also, Extranet Sites remove the need to send document by email back and forth or the use of unreliable third-party tools.

With SharePoint 2016, a company may deploy On-Premises Extranet Sites or Online Extranet Sites.

As you may know, deploying On-Premises Extranet Sites requires complex configurations such as securities measures and corporate firewall. Also, you would need to cover higher initial and continuing cost.

To avoid all these labor-intensive steps and unnecessary costs, businesses are opting for Online Extranet Sites instead.

Deploying Online Extranet Sites bring even more advantages:

  • Expanding collaboration to many more partners;
  • No need to open your existing On-Premises farm to the outside;
  • Making it simpler to create new sites collections;
  • Using Microsoft accounts to easily invite external users;
  • And, more.

Also, the best part is that Online Extranet Sites are already open to the web, securely. This alone saves you a lot of money on security infrastructure.

To save money on training external users how to use Online Extranet Sites, the VisualSP Help System will help.

Collaboration capabilities with Online Extranet Sites

Online Extranet Sites in SharePoint 2016 make collaboration more flexible and scalable. Below are some of the things you can do:

  • Allow users to invite new partners users;
  • Restrict sharing to site owners only;
  • Restrict documents sharing to certain partners domains only;
  • Track the activities of the partners users;
  • And more.

In the short video below Vlad Catrinescu explains more benefits of using Online Extranet Sites and how to create them. He calls them Hybrid Extranet Sites.



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Author: Asif Rehmani has been a SharePoint Trainer, Consultant, Author, and a SharePoint Server MVP since 2007. He’s the founder of VisualSP Help System.

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