How to Delete a Site in SharePoint 2016

How to delete a site in SharePoint 2016 and how to restore the deleted site from the site collection Recycle Bin.

    |    Andreas Glaser

When a project is completed and you want to free up space, you may want to delete the site. You need to be a site owner, an admin, or have Full Control permissions in order to perform this task.

To delete a site, go to Site Settings, and find Delete This Site link under Site Actions.

Once you delete a site, all content and user data are sent to the site collection Recycle Bin. These include documents, libraries, lists, list data, site settings, permission levels, security configurations, etc.

If you happen to change your mind later, you can restore the site. If you are a site collection administrator, just go to the site collection Recycle Bin.

An item deleted from the Recycle Bin is permanently removed.

The short video below explains the steps on how to delete a site and how to restore it.



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