How to Create a Picture Library in SharePoint 2016

How to display pictures in SharePoint and how to share them with your team.

    |    Andreas Glaser

When you want to display pictures on your SharePoint site and share them with your team, the Picture Library feature will come in handy. The app gives you different ways to view and organize your pictures.

Enjoy more than the typical picture functionalities such as sorting and viewing:

  • Sort by picture, name, file size, or last modified;
  • Add more columns for additional metadata for your pictures;
  • View pictures as a list, as thumbnails, or in a slideshow;
  • Create your own custom view; and more.

Uploading pictures to the library is simple. Use Windows File Explorer to upload multiple files and folders or use drag and drop to upload fewer pictures.

When pictures are done uploading, you can share them with your team or add them to your site pages.

You also have the option to add your Picture Library link to the Quick Launch bar. This gives you direct easy access to the library.

The short video below explains how to create a Picture Library and how to upload your first pictures.



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