How to Connect a Task List to Outlook in SharePoint 2016

How to easily connect a Task List to Outlook in SharePoint 2016

    |    Andreas Glaser

If you prefer to manage tasks next to your inbox, you can connect a task list from a SharePoint site to Outlook. This brings a level of convenience to tasks management and the ability to work with task items without having to visit the SharePoint site.

Also, the integration capability gives your team opportunities for more productivity, collaboration, and data security without the need to switch applications constantly.

Once the task list appears in Outlook, you can edit, create, and delete tasks directly within your mail environment. All changes made are also reflected in SharePoint.

The steps are quick. Simply navigate to the task list, click on Connect to Outlook under the List tab, and fill out a form to gain permission.

The short video below walks you through the process.



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