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"I highly recommend this guide! It will save you so much time and headache whether you're building a development or production environment."
(Johnny Brunson - InfoReliance)

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Avoid the Top Installation Mistakes:

 Missing important installation & preparation steps
(Put an error message into Google... you'll find 100s of possible solutions)

 Doing a wrong configuration leading to a new installation
(Do the right configuration steps based on your needs)

 Doing every step manually for different environments
(You'll easily lose 10+ hrs and may forget important steps)

 No planning before doing the installation
(Don't take different + outdated blog posts to match your needs)

Save 10+ Hours & Headaches:

 Clear step-by-step guide
(You can install simple & complex Production, Staging or Test environments)

 Detailed but also comprehensive
(You can easily adapt all steps to your own requirements)

(Free updates based on your feedback)

"He really covers it all, even the PowerShell scripts are included and I learned a thing or two from his code as well." (Johnny Brunson - InfoReliance)

Never again Configuration Problems:

1. Pick a script
(You can prepare servers, install or configure SharePoint based on your needs)

2. Enter your own parameters
(You can set e.g. your domain, account names, database names, folders, ...)

3. Run it

"His PowerShell scripts are accurate, easy to read, and assisted me in not only implementing configurations but also learning and understanding PowerShell features and capabilities." (Daryl Sharpe - CEO of TEDI-Inc)

This Material is for you if...'re an Administrator:

  • install simple & complex environments like Test, Staging, Production
  • install different environments
  • automate the entire process're a Service Provider:

  • plan & install SharePoint for your own clients
  • easily and quickly deploy any type of requested solution

2 Solutions for all your Installation & Configuration Scenarios:

How to Install SharePoint 2016 E-Book

Planning (PDF)

  • Up-to-date Software requirements, Versions, Patches, Dependencies and Pre-requisites (Windows Server, SQL Server)
  • Hardware requirements
  • Plan MinRole
  • Plan Installation Accounts
  • Plan Service Accounts

Preparation (PDF)

  • Assign Permissions
  • Enable Application Server & Web Server (Roles, Role Services and Features)
  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Patches & Hot fixes

25 Steps Checklist

  • Verify all preparation steps with this handy checklist

Installation (PDF)

  • Pre-requisites configuration
  • Least Privileges installation
  • N-Tier installation
  • Offline installation
  • Patches & Hot fixes
  • Create a SharePoint Farm
  • Join Servers to a Farm

Configuration (PDF)

  • Initial Configuration
  • Step-by-step configuration e.g User Profiles, Search, SharePoint Apps
  • Automated PowerShell configuration for all Service Applications

Simple automation with 58 PowerShell Scripts

  • Automate all steps from the PDFs
  • Save time with accurate, assisted, easy to use scripts
  • Automate exactly the steps you need
  • No mass activation of things you don't need

SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Configuration

Hybrid Configuration (PDF)

  • Understand Concepts (Active Directory Synchronization, ...)
  • Plan hybrid features
  • Prepare requirements e.g. Office 365, Active Directory, DNS, SharePoint 2016
  • Configure Hybrid Sites, OneDrive for Business, Cloud Hybrid Search

8 Hybrid PowerShell Scripts

  • Automate hybrid preparation and configuration
  • Save time with accurate, assisted, easy to use scripts

Hybrid Troubleshooting Tips

  • 7 solutions for the 4 most common problems

Just look at the results people got with my guides...

Get started Today & Successfully deploy SharePoint in your Infrastructure

E-Book E-Book + PowerShell
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Plan, Prepare, Install, Configure SharePoint 2016
MinRole / Least Privileges / N-Tier / Offline Installation
Complete Configuration e.g. User Profiles / Search / Apps
Professional Automation: 58 tested, assisted, accurate scripts -
Hybrid Configuration: Plan, Prepare, Configure - -
Hybrid Configuration: 8 PowerShell Scripts - -
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About the author

Hi, my name is Andreas and I'm the author.

Back in 2007 SharePoint was released without a lot of documentation. The community had to evolve. Microsoft's marketing division was on steroids. And we had a lot of orders.

I had to redo my first installations and wasted days of doing the same steps again and again.

That's why I created installation guides for SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

I analyzed the installation process step by step, wrote down information and techniques I used, and checked 100s of Google search results for solutions to specific problems...

You can benefit from 8+ years of installation experience, 100+ installed, configured & reviewed environments, SWISS Top 500 companies and 100+ hours of refinement.

And: 206+ companies around the world used my SharePoint 2016 installation material (January 2017).

*Please note that not every person who wrote a review wanted his / her name also be mentioned.

Anonymous review*

What were your needs?

Clear documentation of best practice installation.

How did the material solve your needs?

The document itself being available solved the problem.

What results did you get?

Clean install of the environment and complied with audit requirements for having installation documented.

Anonymous review*

What were your needs?

Perform a script-based installation and to have a good and consistent documentation for the individual steps.

How did the material solve your needs?


What results did you get?

Excellent resulting.

Todd Jones

What were your needs?

Installation of Access Servies

How did the material solve your needs?

Nearly got me there - still needed Microsoft assistance as they found a bug in their procedures. It seems they did not follow own best practices with multiple service accounts and the 2016 install wizard was set to only setup with a single service account - even if gave multiple accounts.

What results did you get?

It's working now.

Anonymous review*

What were your needs?

Requirements and installation of SharePoint 2016. But I had some issues about minroles and also reporting services (as example hos to install on a custom role). Some of the services kept on disapearing on me :)

How did the material solve your needs?

It gave me answers.

What results did you get?


Anonymous review*

What were your needs?

I'm looking for good Scripts and Solutions.

How did the material solve your needs?

The explanation are good and simple.

What results did you get?

Deep knowledge.

Anonymous review*

What were your needs?

To get a complete installation guide for SharePoint on-premise 2016.

How did the material solve your needs?

Nearly everything.

What results did you get?

An installation for my development needs.

Anonymous review*

What were your needs?

I need to learn a highly available SharePoint deployment and how to setup the physical disk partition for sharepoint server.

How did the material solve your needs?

Learn from the install SharePoint server 2016 E-book and the SharePoint server infrastructure deployment on Microsoft Azure ppt.

What results did you get?

I have successfully installed it.


All future updates are of course free for every customer.

March 2019

  • Added information where to store the search index during installation in "Installation (PDF)"
  • Added information where to find installation & configuration log files in "Installation (PDF)"

July 2017

  • Added SQL Server Best Practices, Language Pack installation and SharePoint installation verification

May 2017

  • Updated the chapter about MinRole to include the enhanced features that came with Nov 2016 CU

March 2017

  • Added a table to decide which SQL Server version is required for PowerPivot, High availability and other features
  • Added PowerShell scripts to prepare Windows Server 2016 roles, role features and features

August 2016

  • Added information about Service Packs / Public Updates incl. July security fix

July 2016

  • Added Information and support for SQL Server 2016 (planning and preparation PDFs)
  • Added new installation and configuration scripts for SQL Server 2016

June 2016

  • Added information about Service Packs / Public Updates:
    Types of updates, download instructions and installation instructions


I have a specific scenario, does it help me?

Yes! And here's why: Each part of the document is modular. If you just need a Windows Server and SharePoint that's ok. If you also need accounts planning, SQL Server and several SharePoint servers just add the parts to your individual installation process.

I'm a beginner and very new to SharePoint, is the book for me?

Yes. You'll get clear, easy to follow steps and lots of pictures starting with preparation and ending with a successful installation.

I'm experienced with SharePoint, is the book for me?

I've written the book with experienced SharePoint administrators and developers in mind too. There are lots of topics including script automation or accounts and permission planning for Web and Service Applications.

Doesn't a book go out of date as soon as it's published?

This is part of the reason why I made the book digital instead of hard-copy. I plan to update the eBook every few months so that you always have the most up to date information.

Does this material include Scripts for creating Service Applications?

Yes! There are scripts to create every Service Application like e.g. User Profiles and Search except Office Web Apps and PowerPivot.

Does this material cover high availability?

Although you can install multiple Web- and Application Server it doesn't discuss high availability or multiple SQL Server (clustering or mirroring).

Does this material cover Kerberos and SPNs?


I still have a question...

Sure just write me an eMail with your question and I will answer as soon as possible.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

"If I don't like the material can I get a refund?"

If the material isn't helpful to you and you don't get the desired results within 30 days of purchase just send me a message and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

"If I don't like the material can I get a refund?"

If the material isn't helpful to you and you don't get the desired results within 30 days of purchase just send me a message and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.